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Demand for the various services over internet are increasing due to disruptive digital market and consumer adaption behavior. It is very important for CISO to match same agility. Hence, they are highly relay on the security infrastructure. Its very important for any organization to  quickly identify and respond to security incident.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response


Improve analysts’ productivity by automating common, repetitive and menial tasks driven by machine learning for faster response to all alerts.


Establish repeatable incident response workflows, orchestrating your security toolset into one seamless response process.


Measure and optimize the performance of your cyber security operations and incident response program from one intuitive and collaborative platform.

SOAR SIEM Security

IncMan SOAR Platform

  • Threat Intelligence Gathering
  • Triage and Notification
  • Hunting and Investigating
  • Evidence Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Context Enrichment
  • Threat Containment
  • Reporting and KPIs

IncMan SOAR Helps You Recognize Threats and Properly Respond to Real Cyber Attacks


  • Detect and investigate alerts

    Collect incoming alerts and validate threat levels.

  • Reduce false positives

    Triage alerts to identify actual attacks and reduce the noise.

  • Respond to attacks in less time

    Progressive automated actions permit analysts to save time & focalize on real threats.

  • Measure success

    Effectively track KPIs and business risk.

IncMan SOAR Features

  • Independent and Open SOAR Architecture
  • 100+ OOB Automation Tool
  • End-to-End SOAR Platform
  • Efficient Incident Handling
  • Dual Mode Orchestration
  • Full Integration and Orchestration
  • Security Operations Flexibility

Rack planning

IncMan SOAR for MSSP

datacenter prediction

There are multiple ways that an MSSP can leverage DFLabs’ SOAR solution to reduce costs and to offer premium security services and capabilities.

From a primary SOC platform delivering a shared service offering a dedicated knowledge base and library of custom runbooks to individual customers, to a dedicated virtual SOC where customer receive their own managed, hosted and dedicated instance of the platform, up to delivering fully advanced managed detection and incident response services, IncMan SOAR is the platform of choice for MSSP and MDR providers.

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