Sales and Business Development Services

Hari Techno Lab is top sales and business development services company serving B2B tech organizations. We are a turnkey solution sales and lead generation partner generating high-qualified leads, enabling support staff and sales streamlining solutions, right through to business closures. Our specialized team qualifies in funnel generation with account based sales focus.

We generate leads for SaaS, software development, IT services and technology vendors who cater enterprise software solutions. We also facilitate organizations for sales forecasting as well as sales performance management.

What Action Items to Anticipate through our Services?

Our sales team will invest in learning, strategizing, and finalizing your business development strategy

Following that our action-items will comprise:

  • Assist with the enablement of pre-qualified leads on a monthly basis
  • Lead / funnel generation service for finding prospects with excellent buying power
  • Initiate personal messaging, email outreach and targeted sales calls
  • Appointment bookings, facilitating calls and product demos led by senior professionals
  • Attending conferences and setting meeting at trade shows as well as business events
  • Enable with account based sales focus, new region development, and business closures
  • Lend a hand for facilitating Strategic OEM/SI Partnership and Sales Forecasting
Business development Service

WHY HARI for Sales and Business Development Services?

  • Regional pre-sales, sales and post sales support
  • Extensive experience in tier 1 to tier 3 customers
  • Have seen customer journey for more than 15+ years
  • Understand the entire value chain
  • Lend a hand to get the ROI swifter
  • Automate and optimize the sales operations
sales and business development service process

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