AHMEDABAD-INDIA, HARI TECHNOLAB LLP, the leading provider of value added IT solution and services in the field of Telecom, Enterprise and Public sector across APAC region, announces the entry of DFLabs into its cyber security portfolio. This partnership enables HARI TECHNOLAB to approach the various market segment in the field of Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) thanks to the award-winning DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR solution.

At a time when cyber threats are multiplying and cyber security managers are facing a shortage of time, resources, and skilled analysts, IncMan SOAR acts as a force multiplier and maximizes the response capabilities of security teams, enabling them to successfully manage, measure, and orchestrate complex tasks. Such tasks include incident qualification, priority and intervention level management, research, investigation, threat containment, and mitigation, and much more. DFLabs’ SOAR technology reduces the reaction times by up to 80% and improves the efficiency factor of SOCs and CERTs by an average of 10x. To tap into the full potential of its capabilities, IncMan SOAR leverages DFLabs’ patented algorithms and innovative technology capabilities that leverage advanced Machine Learning techniques.

“Mitul Modesara, CEO of HARI TECHNOLAB, in expressing satisfaction for the agreement reached, commented: “We are happy to collaborate with a company that has proven to be able to compete with the most important international players. Their highly innovative approach and their unique SOAR features fit perfectly with our strategy of working with high-tech partners to grow in the most dynamic and emerging sectors of the market. I am sure that together we can aspire to very important goals,” concluded Mitul Modesara.”

“Dario Forte, CEO & Founder of DFLabs, stated: “The INDIA market has matured a lot in recent years and we are pleased to improve the distribution in this country. We have been working in EMEA, USA, and Asia since 2014 and a leading American venture capital company has invested in us.”

SOAR helps automate and simplify everything that happens after an alarm detection, eliminating false positives, and effectively managing real incidents. Thanks to the orchestration of existing technologies and procedures, SOAR allows you to create runbooks (sequences of activities that allow you to query through APIs), and enrich the information to deal with a given attack by tracking every detail. The solution proposed by DFLabs mainly responds to the needs of complex and articulated security environments, such as SOC and CSIRT environments of the public or private matrix. IncMan SOAR is natively prepared for remote management, which is a multi-tenant function that is very useful for MSSPs of all sizes.

As usual, the solution will be conveyed by HARI TECHNOLAB through a network of partners that the distributor will enable from a technical and commercial point of view thanks to its training and business development services. From now on, partners interested in evaluating the opportunities offered by the collaboration with DFLabs can contact HARI TECHNOLAB.

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