Multi Domain Inventory Management


With the innovation in the network and to achieve higher level of agility its necessity for service provider to have technology agnostic and open inventory management solution.  Network resource management is crucial part and has to be manage in efficient way to reduce time to market and to achieve the better MTTR.

Network Resource Management

One of the key requirement to get better visibility of service offering can be easily determined by having right Network Resource Management tool which can help operator to get 306 view of network. Thus Service provider can  plan, design and manage new and existing capacity. With this approach Service provider maximize the return on investment of their current infrastructure.

With object modelling technology , Service provider can now on-board new technologies and SDN easily. Platform helps simplify network complexity by modeling the entire network, paving the way to automated network operations.

  • Multi Layer Inventory
  • Impact & Root Cause Analysis
  • Out Side Plant
  • Inside Plant

Design Capabilities

  • Circuit & Network Design: core, aggregation, and access network

  • Layer 1: SONET/SDH, GPON, DWDM…

  • Layer 2: Ethernet, VLAN, FTTx, ATM, FR, DSL…

  • Layer 3: IP, MPLS, MPLS-TP, SD-WAN

  • Trunk Group Design (Trunk Circuit)

  • Hardwired Cross-Connect design

Multi Layer Inventory Management –  Single Source Of Truth


Advanced and intuitive schematic views of relations and dependencies between resources and services, resulting in unprecedented visibility and knowledge that allows for more efficient automated service fulfillment, problem resolution, planning and design and service assurance processes required of today’s leading Service Providers.

Unified Inventory provides invaluable data and information and is the enabler to obtaining advanced root-cause analysis, impact analysis, optimal resource utilization, and effective lifecycle management.

network resource inventory





Single Source Of Truth 

  • Customer eligibility
  • Resource availability for service offering
  • Allocated resources to customer
  • Impact analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Phone number inventory
  • Bill of material
  • Asset lifecycle
  • Maintenance notification
    Resource,Assignment /reservation

Services Inventory

It is very important to track and manage the service specific information for efficient operation management. Service inventory keep track of all the Customer facing services (CFS) and Resource facing services (RFS) with all the relationships and mapping between RFS & CFS, and between Services & Infrastructure resources.
Service Inventory capabilities are essential to leveraging service catalogs and orchestration in the automation of service fulfillment processes.

Service and Resource inventory

resource inventory

Resource Inventory

Starting with import and discovery, service providers are able to quickly build a complete resources and services inventory.

Unified Inventory can track and manage any service and resources.

 Out Side Plant Management

  • Definition of cable specifications with simple and flexible cable deployment templates
  • Outside Plant supporting structure management
  • Custom modeling of towers, manholes, cabinets, poles, conduits and structural positioning on map
  • Passive equipment inventory
  • Cable connectivity management
  • Graphical Connections to equipment, splicing, x-connects
  • Conduit capacity management
  • Graphical cable on map

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