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Demand for the various services over internet are increasing due to disruptive digital market and consumer adaption behavior. It is very important for CXO to match same agility. Hence, they are highly relay on the data Center infrastructure to quick respond to disruptive change.
While the efficient planning also required to increase ROI. Our DCIM solution helps data center provider to manage infrastructure more efficiently.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Bring Agility to service delivery 


Key Features

  • Asset Management
  • Space and efficiency planning
  • Rack Planning and Design
  • Dashboards
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Equipment Materials Catalog Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Risk, audit, compliance, and reporting
  • Infrastructure and workload optimization

Space and efficiency planning


Regardless of shape and size, quickly create an overall visual representation of your data center or colocation facility in order to maximize space and resources

Account for differences in geometry and record an accurate position for each rack or other devic

Gain an overhead view of the data center, using color coding to represent data for categories such as ownership, function, capacity, or temperature

Rack Planning and Design

Know which equipment, and its respective specifications, is contained in each rack, and keep an up-to-date account of space, power, and cooling resources are consuming in each of them.

Maintain a high fidelity representation of the location and placement of each device

Optimize the placement choice for each equipment based n required resources

Rack planning

Impact Analysis and Predictive Forecasting

datacenter prediction

DCIM  provides unprecedented visibility on data centers from a service-centric perspective. It delivers the capability to model the data center, from the physical and logical infrastructure to the business and services layers.  Service decomposition allows users to view a services, the make-up and all relations to other services. This results in advanced impact analysis capabilities that support colocation centers in predicting ways systems –and more importantly services and customers– may be affected by changes or a system failure.

This solution empowers colocation operators to optimally deploy assets with detailed capacity planning, complete with schematic views showing where each assets should be deployed and when equipment should be replaced.

Key analytics and time-based usage data helps  colocation operators to conduct accurate data center planning.

Equipment Catalog

Quickly and efficiently add new devices in racks and data center floors by either by creating or selecting pre-existing items from the Ni2 Equipment catalogs. These contain representations of devices and includes their manufacturers’ specifications.

  • Manage any device from any domain : electrical , HVAC, network
  • Track equipment specs like power requirements, physical dimensions, weight, connectivity, and other relevant parameters

Change Management

Operate according to best practices and ensure that optimized and standardized workflows and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all resource changes. This results in minimal impact on service quality, and improved the day-to-day operations.

  • Impact analysis so all changes are deployed according to the highest service quality
  • Pre-established procedures that validated by authorized people
  • Change control in order to reduce risks related to changes

Capacity Planning

Create and maintain a detailed representation of the data center, pinpointing where resources such as floor space, power, cooling capacity, and connectivity exist. Locate stranded resources and minimize the loss of unused available resources.

  • Provide clear visibility into a set of physical limitations: floor space, weight, power, connectivity, or cooling
  • Quickly the maximum capacity in a given area
  • Suggest optimal placement of new devices

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